The Proposal Podcast : Gay & Katie Hendricks on How to have a creative, lasting, sexy Marriage!

The Proposal Podcast is back for a brand new season and I chose this episode to launch this new season because the theme of my life and company is: 


This episode is about preparing yourself for love and creating lasting partnership. 

This episode was made for you if:

If you are in a relationship, early years of your marriage or single… 

If you have ever wondered how to be in a relationship without losing yourself…

If you have ever wondered about choosing the right parter

If you have struggled to be open and honest in relationships

Gay Hendricks and Katie Hendricks the authors of “Conscious Loving” and many other bestselling books, share their insights and wisdom from learned experience on how to have a loving, enduring relationship that can span 4 decades!  

“Conscious Loving” remains one of the most precious books in my personal library. It was an honor to speak to Katie and Gay learn from them

We discuss:

– Gay’s big breakthrough at 34 years old 

– The 3 things that messed up Gay’s prior relationships

– Why we can choose the wrong people and how to choose the right ones

– The fascinating way Gay and Katie met 

– Gay’s pitch to Katie on starting a relationship with him

– Love-bombing and Love at first Aura 

– Partnership with another creative person

– Situation-ships and unsatisfying Entanglements

– Why does mystery and withholding feel sexy?


– How to keep the passion alive over time

– “The Only Problem you Need to Solve”

– How Gay Proposed!


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