The 6 Best Christmas Trees for NYC Proposals

Lincoln Square Christmas Tree

Lincoln Center Park:

This timeless tree is right in front of Lincoln Center and the Empire Hotel. A quiet alternative to the bustling Lincoln Center fountain, its stelar location allows for engagement photos at both locations.

Plaza Hotel Christmas Tree                  Plaza Hotel Christmas Tree Engagement

The Plaza Hotel Christmas Tree

Indoors and out of the freezing cold, this is the perfect spot to show off your elegant outfit in engagement photos. The Plaza has a fairly strict policy of who is let into the main lobby during the holidays. Your best bet to scoring this coveted classic? Make a reservation at the Palm Court or book a room for the night.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Kiss         engagement on ice photography

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:

This list wouldn’t be complete without Rock Center’s legendary tree. Everyone loves this dazzler – making it one of the most crowded attractions in the city. Take my advice and propose here at an off-time, like in the morning around 10am. It’s still stunning during the daytime. The best spot in Rockefeller Center to propose is in front of the Christmas Tree on the Skating rink, but you must book early because this package books up fast!

Bryant Park Christmas Tree Engagement

Bryant Park Christmas Tree:

I love the Bryant Park Tree, situated right outside Bryant Park’s skating rink. Free, but crowded (albeit less than Rockefeller Center!), this spot is definitely worth checking out for a holiday proposal. This tree is gorgeous, well-lit, and features large ornaments. Spend your special night exploring Bryant Park, visiting the holiday shops, and going ice skating!

Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal

The Rockefeller Skating Rink

It’s worth reiterating that the absolute best view of the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is found on the skating rink. If you are able to secure the engagement on ice package with the rink, do it! This epic proposal feels like a movie. It is also very underpriced, given you have the entire skating rink to yourself. I have shot over 50 proposals at this rink, and it remains my top choice for NYC Christmastime proposals.


The Palace Hotel Christmas Tree

The Palace Hotel was featured on Gossip Girl, so you know it’s photogenic. Their tree is stunning and is backdropped by picturesque St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s a fairy tale come to life. It’s not crowded at all (though I’m aware that I’m letting the word out in this post!). I highly recommend this spot if you’d like to do a Christmas-themed NYC proposal this season.

Ash Fox - Wedding Proposal - New York City

The Southstreet Seaport Christmas Tree

Many New-Yorkers are surprised to find out that Southstreet Seaport is as equally delightful in the winter as it is in the summer. This original location avoids the crowds without sacrificing landmark scenery – perfect for your magical moment!

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