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St. Patricks Cathedral proposal

I love Jana and Bernard’s story. It reads like a romantic comedy and culminates in the most perfect proposal inside St. Patricks Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Planning a great proposal is all about paying attention to details and remembering little hints your partner gives you about what they would like as well as overt ones. Jana told Bernard in passing that she loved St. Patricks and he didn’t forget!

In Jana’s words

“We met five years ago, I was coming out of yoga, and he was checking into a hotel for work where the studio was. I’m not sure what it was, but that spark was there, he made me laugh, and he was quite dashing. I remember telling him “we would never work” as he lived in Houston and me in Dallas. His comment to that “it’s just a bag of peanuts away,” i.e., Southwest Airlines. He would also say “I was a hard nut to crack.” Working his magic he slowly crept into my heart. On one of the many phone conversations throughout our courtship, I mentioned how I loved New York and had visited most of the cathedrals; specifically, St. Patricks. The one thing about my Ash is he listens. We made plans to be in New York for the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. He said, “let’s stop at St. Patricks and light a candle.” Upon entering the church, he stopped me, and on one knee he proposed. Later, I asked “why St. Patricks” and he said “I know what this church means to you and nobody gets engaged in a church, always married. Being the man that he is, he changed the rules.

The photographs speak for themselves, we’ve had so many compliments, we used the photos that year for our Christmas photo, our wedding announcement and have framed many of them. Christmas in New York is beautiful, getting engaged there was over the top. Ash Fox’s timing is impeccable, her editing stunning, and such a joy to work with, can we come back?”

proposing in cathedral

post proposal in St. Patricks Cathedral

christmas tree proposal black and white christmas  romance at St. Patricks Cathedral


Shelby and Will are young and madly in love. When you’ve met the love of your life you just know (to paraphrase Will). Will is a Memphis musician and Shelby is a fashion blogger with mega style. Will actually takes many of the pictures for Shelby’s lovely blog The Memphis Jewel. Shelby is Willl’s biggest fan. It’s so sweet to see the way they love and support each other’s creative endeavors. You can really seee how excited they are for each other.

Will  proposed to Shelby on the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center during Christmas season. I shoot lots of proposals there and I’ve featured a bunch here and here on the blog but I wanted to share how gorgeous Rockefeller Cneter looks even during the daytime. A lot to guys have asked me if Rockefeller Center is better at night or during the day. Both times have their own magic. One of the benefits of daytime is the light is so flattering! Will and Shelby are naturally gorgeous and the winter day light really makes them glow. Another benefit of the rink during the daytime is it is a bit less crowded than at ngiht.

Can we talk about Will and Shelby’s outfits for a minute. Just killer! They have such a quirky, elegant and edgy throwback style. <3  <3 <3