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Ryan contacted me nearly a year in advance to make sure he could lock in the date of Christmas Eve in order to propose to the love of his life  during their trip to NYC. Ryan and Elisa are from Perth, Australia. Ryan told me he saw Elisa walking on a beach back home and said to his friend “That’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’m going to marry her”.

Ryan wanted to really WOW Elisa, so chose to propose to Elisa on a Times Square Billboard. The Times Square Billboard Proposal is one of the most amazing ways to proclaim your love and create a moment that feels straight out of a movie. There are 50,000 people who walk through Times Square each day, so proposing on a billboard in the center of Times Square really feels like your marriage proposal is for the whole world to see. Ryan took Elisa to the center of Times Square on one of the warmest Christmas Eve evening I can ever remember. I waited for them to approach and captured those moments before Elisa looked up and saw her name in lights on a billboard in the middle of times Square featuring a picture of her and the words “Will You Marry me Elisa”. She turned to Ryan and there he was on his knee proposing to her. She was WOW-ed. The Perth Times loved this proposal so much they covered it in a Newspaper article you can see here…


If you would like to propose in the middle of Times Square on a Billboard like Ryan, feel free to get in touch so I can help you make it happen! :) I offer Billboard Marriage Proposal packages to rent a Billboard in the middle of Times Square with a message of your choice and  capture your engagement with photography.  – Ash Fox