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Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo engagement

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo Proposal Engagement

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo Engagment

Aayush’s proposal was such  pleasure to plan. Other than the foggy weather which we couldn’t have predicted it went exactly as planned! Aayush and I actually agreed that the fog wound up adding to the romance of the scene as if they were in a dome creating a very cinematic ambiance. Cue the fog! Addintionally. because of the weather, Dumbo was very quiet and serene on this day. Aayush and I planned to organize a picnic, which I set up for him before the proposal with a blanket, wine, flowers and LED candles to set the mood. When Aayush’s girlfriend arrived at the spot she was shocked to see a picnic set up and waiting for them. Before they sat down to enjoy the wine, Aayush got down on his knee and proposed. It was so romantic! She was so shocked and excited. Afterwards they toasted with some wine and then we took some beautiful engagement portraits around the area. We even did a fun over the top reenactment of the proposal under the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo. I love that photo. :)

I’m love helping guys and gals personalize their proposals with extra special touches like flowers, candles, picnics, champagne, posters and more. Adding a few props is a great way to add a little person flair to the proposal. I’m more than happy to help plan and source the materials needed to make a proposal extra special unique. Other times guys provide some or all of the personal touches and I set them up before the proposal.

Ash Fox

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement NYC

Scott’s proposal was likely one of the most epic strolls of his lifetime, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The trek isn’t nearly as short as one might think, and it can be quite crowded. Watch out for the bike riders! They will aggressively ring their bells, yell or at best grimace if you walk in the bike lane. Stay in your lane and it’s so worth it if you’ve never been. The architecture of the bridge + sunset + views of NYC and Brooklyn make it the perfect romantic activity. It was doubly worth the walk for Scott’s girlfriend! When Scott came to end of the bridge he dropped down to his knee shocking his future fiancé. She was ecstatic. I live for these moments of surprise. It was truly a golden moment with the sun ablaze gleaming over this glowing couple. :) – Ash Fox

walking the Brooklyn Bridge after proposal

couple views downtown NYC

candid picture of couple before proposal

proposal on Brooklyn bridge

happy couple after proposal

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Engagement NYC New York Proposal Photographer Photography

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Engagement NYC New York Proposal Photographer Photography

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Engagement NYC New York Proposal Photographer Photography

partners kissing on brooklyn bridge

vwife receives engagement ring NYC

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Engagement NYC New York Proposal Photographer Photography

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Engagement NYC New York Proposal Photographer Photography

Brooklyn Bridge Proposal Engagement NYC New York Proposal Photographer Photography

man and woman on brooklyn bridge bench kissing

newlyweds hugging on Brooklyn Bridge

Newly engaged couple kissing; beautiful outdoors marriage proposal photography by ASH FOX Photography and Video This proposal ranks as one of the most original and romantic proposals I’ve shot! Chris knew that his girlfriend loved castles and fairytales and created a real life fairytale for Nicole. He just blew her away with this epic proposal, complete with a violinist playing their song Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” softly in the background.  I had an amazing time shooting this proposal for them. Here’s Chris’s testimonial : “I hired Ash to capture a very special moment – my proposal to my girlfriend (she said yes!). Ash was a total pro and extremely easy to work with – she helped me plan out the best way to get her involved unbeknownst to my girlfriend, and captured every moment of the proposal. Our friends and family are obsessed with the photos – thanks for everything”! – Chris M marriage proposal photography, perfect proposal, Hire/Book a NYC Photographer, Hire/Book a NY Photographer, Proposal Photographer, Marriage Proposal Photographer, Marriage Proposal, Hire a NYC Photographer, Hire/Book a NYC Photographer, NYC Proposal Photographer, Manhattan Proposal Photographer, Brooklyn Proposal Photographer, Hire a Photographer, Hire a Proposal Photographer, Wedding Engagement Photographer, Central Park Proposal, Central Park Boathouse Proposal, Central Park Proposal Photographer, Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Proposal Photographer, Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Proposal Photography, Proposing to girlfriend NYC, Proposing to girlfriend Brooklyn, Proposing to girlfriend Manhattan, Propose to girlfriend NYC, Propose to girlfriend New York City, Propose to girlfriend Manhattan, Propose to girlfriend Brooklyn, Proposal Central Park, Photograph engagement, Photographer for Engagement, Photographer for Proposal NYC, Photographer for Proposal NY, Photographer for Proposal New York City, Photographer for Engagement Manhattan, Photographer for Engagement Brooklynpost proposal kiss in front of castle in new jerseyembracing in the sunlight of a cstle proposalcastle proposal kneeling ring photography

Girl about to be proposed to as she walks with her boyfriend along the DUMBO waterfront

I love photographing couples in front of the incredible NYC skyline. When JD got in touch with me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Anna we combined forces and brainstormed an awesome proposal along the waterside in DUMBO including a ferry ride, in which I discreetly photographed them (sneaky sneaky)! I always love when guys add special personal touches to their proposal. JD created a beautiful photo book of his and Anna’s journey as a couple together. He also picked out such a beautiful and unique canary yellow ring! I’m a big fan of yellow if you couldn’t tell. Anna was completely shocked and so thrilled! This summertime proposal was so romantic, I was “kvelling” (as the say in Yiddish–to be so overwhelmed with emotion). She of course said yes!


Brooklyn Bridge park proposal looking at NYC skyline

DUMBO Proposal with binoculars looking at NYC skyline

Dumbo Proposal photograph

Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge Park Proposal hugging and embracing

Engagement ring photograph in Brooklyn Bridg park after an epic proposal

Photo book at Brooklyn Bridge Park Proposal

Kissing in Brooklyn Bridge Park after a Proposal