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On an icy winter day Chris proposed to his long term girlfriend on the waterfront in Hoboken. Chris and his gorgeous fiancé live in Hoboken just over the river on the west side of Manhattan. I LOVE HOBOKEN! It is basically the Brooklyn Heights of New Jersey with it’s brownstones, gorgeous tree lined blocks and adorable cosy corner restaurants. I always have a great time visiting Hoboken and Chris’s proposal was no exception! It was one of the coldest days of the winter dipping to under 20 degrees, but Chris was a trooper and he and his girlfriend were armed with layers. The went for a stroll to take in the amazing view and then he dropped to his knee. I love Hoboken as unexpected proposal location. It’s just a short path train ride away from Herald Sq in the center of Manhattan. Hoboken is much quieter than Dumbo and you get an amazing skyline view featuring the Empire State Building which you can’t see from Dumbo. I love this location for couples wanting to have their proposal captured with the NYC skyline. After the proposal there are tons of cute restaurants and little shops to check out. I highly recommend it! :)















David and Val are from Texas and visit NYC each year. David wanted the setting for his marriage proposal to feature the best of both worlds that NYC has to offer, combining the  natural beauty of Central Park  with the modern architecture and sleekness of the New York City scape. I recomended one of my favorite spots that looks out over the skating rink in Central Park on the Southside. The views are spectacular from this vantage point. The southsie of Central Park captures modern NYC while the north side has a more classic old world New York feel.   It was much colder than these photos might coney but fortunately it wasn’t icy otherwise it would have been too slippery to pull off safely! Before he proposed David and Val had brunch at Sarahbeth’s nearby and then they strolled over to check out the views and snap some selfies. Before Val knew it David was on his knee popping the question! I love her reaction. So adorable. The taxi-cab photo at the end of the photo set is one of my favorites! Congrats to Dave & Val!





















Washington Square Park Engagement

I photograph proposals for guys and girls from all of the world. Many are visiting NYC for the very first time., experiencing the city with fresh eyes. Others are here on a return visit. Maybe NY was the city where they first kissed, first fell in love, other times one person is brining the other to NYC so they can see it through the other’s eyes. It goes without saying what a romantic place NYC is. There is romance to be found in every nook and cranny.

When New York City is your backyard you can sometimes take it for granted (which is why I love shooting proposals because I get a chance to experience it anew through the couples eyes). I know I pass the Empire State building almost everyday. I try to remember to look up and remind myself that I’m living here in the city I dreamed of. Sometimes especially on quiet nights walking home it really hits me how blessed I am to be surrounded by the art of architects who had visions for a place where people could live and work amongst classic and modern beauty!

Local NYC guys are often looking to propose in the nooks and crannies of NYC and love to transform the mundane into something extraordinary. The magic of NY is it’s changing at every moment. How amazing is it that in one moment your backyard park becomes the place where your boyfriend tells you he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.  Adam chose Washington Square Park for his proposal. He and his stunning fiancé live downtown, so Washington Square Park is their park.  Washington Square park represents all that is quintessentially Greenwich village. You have your chess players, dancers, saxophone players, book clubs, NYU students, jugglers, fake drug dealers, and even a piano player with a full on babygrand underneath the famous arches. I absolutely loved photographing this proposal on the late August day. Diana couldn’t have been more shocked when on a seemingly ordinary stroll through the park, Adam dropped to his knee in front of the fountain perfectly framing himself with the Washington Square arches behind them.

Ash Fox

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement


Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement