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Discovering restaurants is a huge part of New York life. I’ve lived in this fine city for 13 years and I’m constantly learning about new places, from my friends, family and many of my clients .  In NYC some of the best places are the ones that have been here the longest, but there are also fantastic new places that pop up every day.

Whether you are looking to go to dinner before your proposal, propose over dinner, or have a celebratory meal following your engagement, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my favorite ideas from fine dining to old school classic romantic NYC options.

Higher End Dining

romantic dinner after proposal

restaurant and bar post-proposal

  1. Park Avenue Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring (the name, menu and decor change seasonally. I love the way the decor and menu shifts for each season. It is the Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s restaurant. https://www.parkavenyc.com
  2. One if by Land Two if By Sea This place is known as “The Most Romantic Restaurant in NYC” and so it is perfect for a post proposal dinner. There’s a fire place and a piano player and it’s located in the West Village on a quaint cobble stone street https://oneifbyland.com
  3. Daniel  Many of my clients rave about this Michelin Starred restaurant. It is the epitome of Fine Dining in NYC and will definitely make a  impression on your fiancé. Daniel Boulud is the chef https://www.danielnyc.com 

Midrange and Old School Dining

  1. El Parador – This is one of my favorite place to go to celebrate. The food is delicious, the drinks are excellent. The waiters are dressed up and every table is dressed with a table cloth and candles. Insider tip: Get the peanut butter jalepenos! https://www.elparadorcafe.com

2. John’s of 12th street – This place feels like you’re in a Woody Allen movie. This is an old school Italian restaurant with excellent food that gives you the vibe of being in Lady in the Tramp with your parter. I highly recommend the shrimp parmesan and the Tirimisu. I never had a thing for Tiramisu until I tried it there. https://www.johnsof12thstreet.com

3. The Mermaid Inn- This is a wonderful cozy spot if you love seafood! Everything is fresh and delicious http://themermaidnyc.com

4. Gaonurri – If you want to be surrounded by gorgeous views this is the place to go! The cuisine is high end Korean. https://www.gaonnurinyc.com

5. Minetta Tavern – One of the best burgers in NYC in an old school elegant setting. Get the Minetta burger and the Black Label and share! http://minettatavernny.com

The best bars to celebrate your proposal!

  1. Angel Share- Angel Share is one of the best hidden speakeasy bars in NYC and is my absolute favorite. It is hidden inside a bustling Japanese casual restaurant. When you walk to the backroom there is an elegant bar dimly lit with velvet seats, jazz playing and angel mural on the top of the bar. The drinks are insane. The place is super sexy and romantic and a great place to relax and celebrate being engaged https://www.yelp.com/biz/angels-share-new-york

2. Rains Law Room at the William Hotel (reserve a private booth) – This place is super quiet and a romantic place to let loose and make-out after your proposal. There are private booths where you can drink and have privacy  https://www.raineslawroom.com

3. The Polo Bar – This bar is owned and designed by fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Imagine mahogany wood, leather tufted seats and candles galore in an ultra luxury Americana setting. https://www.ralphlauren.com/global-polo-bar

4. The Gramercy Park Hotel (Tuesday nights for jazz) http://www.gramercyparkhotel.com

     Post-proposal family and friends celebrations…

  1. The Robert – beautiful restaurant with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Columbus Circle https://www.yelp.com/biz/robert-new-york-25

2. Tommy Bahama Restaurant – lovely space for hosting a dinner or engagement party  https://www.tommybahama.com/content/dam/tommy/restaurants/new-york-city/dinner.pdf

3. Sarahbeth’s- a new york classic. There are multiple Sarabeth’s throughout the city and all of them are lovely for a celebratory family brunch https://sarabethsrestaurants.com

4. The Park Lane – Park Room Hotel Restaurant – this restaurant features floor to ceiling windows that overlook Central Park, the views are stunning! https://www.opentable.com/the-park-room

Romantic Day of Activities 

Aire Ancient Baths – go in the morning or during the day to avoid crowds

The Brian Newman Quartet Jazz show at the Gramercy Park Hotel (Tuesdays and Thursdays)


Nick proposed to his longtime girlfriend in one of my favorite hidden pocket parks in the city, the 91st street garden (aka the garden park from “You’ve Got Mail” ) The 91st garden is a great choice if you are looking for a park to propose in that’s not Central Park and away from the crowds. It’s a gorgeous alternate option for an engagement if you don’t have a key to the exclusive Gramercy Park or if you and your girlfriend LOVE the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. It’s such a beautiful place to create a movie moment for your loved one. Nick proposed to his stunning girlfriend on a warm fall day just as the colors of the leaves were beginning to change.  I loved photographing his fiancé’s excitement as she leaped off her feet into Nick’s arms – Ash Fox














Fall is really one of the best seasons in NYC. It’s finally the perfect temperature to do anything without complaining that it’s too hot or too cold. Everything everywhere from coffee to pizza is pumpkin and cinnamon flavored. Everyone’s smiling. That drink isn’t spiked is spiced! Black is back, and it’s leather weather! There are other reasons to smile now that it’s fall. NYC is very romantic in the fall…  remember that Wynonna Ryder movie “Autumn in New York?” Fall in New York is the perfect season to propose and the colors, cozy clothing, and ideal temperature make it the perfect engagement portrait season.

NYC Autumn Proposal Tips

  • embrace the peak foliage which generally happens mid-late October through early November!
  • take advangtage of light layers, a blazer or bulky sweater with large pockets is the perfect place to stash a ring…summer makes for trickier ring hiding issues
  • enjoy a day trips outside the city, some of the best fall foliage can be seen in upstate NY and central NJ


Get inspired by these gorgeous Fall proposals 


Autumn Proposal Location Ideas & fun Fall Activities

  • Dia Beacon – the incredible sculpture center in Beacon NY featuring the work of Robert Smithson, Louise Bourgeois and Richard Serra among others
  • Apple Picking!
  • The Jack o Lantern Maze in Upstate NY
  • Cold Springs
  • Duke Farms NJ – Doris Dukes stunning property is now a park open to the public
  • The Dog Halloween Parade in Tompkins Square Park one of my favorite fun fall activities
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – an extremely romantic fall venue for your proposal,  right next to the Brooklyn Museum











Dumbo Proposal


I absolutely loved shooting Andrew’s proposal in the West Village on a cool crisp November morning. He and his stunning fiancé live in the West Village so he surprised her before Sunday brunch after grabbing coffee and strolling through one of their favorite local parks in the West Village. With their perfectly coordinated outfits, good looks, and the ambiance of the fall foliage I felt like I was shooting Ralph Lauren’s Fall fashion campaign! NYC ladies are so fashionable that even just caught off guard on a regular Sunday morning they look picture perfect!
When New York City locals propose a lot of times we talk about integrating the proposal into a regular day so that she doesn’t see it coming. NYC ladies have seen it all and since so many tourists propose in most of the classic postcard New York locations, most  guys and gals like to choose more sentimental spots from their daily lives with their partners such as their favorite restaurants or the park where they sip their Sunday morning coffee :) I have a lot of secret spots up my sleeve from 10 years living in NYC and I’m learning new ones everyday. I hadn’t been to this little park before Andrew told me about it.  People ask me all the time where’s the best place to propose or what’s my favorite kind of proposal to shoot? In my opinion a laid back stroll with the person you love the most is classic romance at it’s finest. Keeping it simple  (my number one proposal tip !) is often times more intimate and cuts down on stress levels for the person proposing.



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Diego’s proposal couldn’t have turned out more perfectly. Initially we had planned on Central Park, but last min Diego decided he’d like the proposal to feel even more intimate. He settled on the rooftop of the Hudson hotel, an awesome choice. I actually used to work at the Hudson Hotel back in 2010-11 shooting the weekly rock n’ roll party Ladyland. It’s a gorgeous hotel if you’ve never been! Diego and Maria live in Brazil and he knew she was taking a trip to NYC, so he decided this would be the perfect way to catch her off guard. Diego told Maria’s family (who were in on the surprise) to go suggest going to the hotel for a drink. Maria didn’t even know Diego he was in NYC! Gotta love a double surprise! When Maria arrived Diego was standing waiting for her. She was stunned! It was like a slow motion moment in a movie, just gorgeous and insanely romantic. They embraced and within seconds Diego was on his knee declaring his love to Maria while her family watched in the background. It was truly moving. Congratualtions to this amazing couple!
















On an icy winter day Chris proposed to his long term girlfriend on the waterfront in Hoboken. Chris and his gorgeous fiancé live in Hoboken just over the river on the west side of Manhattan. I LOVE HOBOKEN! It is basically the Brooklyn Heights of New Jersey with it’s brownstones, gorgeous tree lined blocks and adorable cosy corner restaurants. I always have a great time visiting Hoboken and Chris’s proposal was no exception! It was one of the coldest days of the winter dipping to under 20 degrees, but Chris was a trooper and he and his girlfriend were armed with layers. The went for a stroll to take in the amazing view and then he dropped to his knee. I love Hoboken as unexpected proposal location. It’s just a short path train ride away from Herald Sq in the center of Manhattan. Hoboken is much quieter than Dumbo and you get an amazing skyline view featuring the Empire State Building which you can’t see from Dumbo. I love this location for couples wanting to have their proposal captured with the NYC skyline. After the proposal there are tons of cute restaurants and little shops to check out. I highly recommend it! :)














Jonathan and Jessyln are a fairytale couple to the max! They live in Orlando home of Disneyworld and Jesslyn is Cinderella at Disneyworld. Jonathan may as well be Prince Charming considering how he pulled off this gorgeous summer rooftop proposal in the center of Manhattan.  I had such a great time scheming with Jonathan to make sure everything went according to plan and it did!  Jesslyn and Jonathan are blessed to be effortless friends of the camera and their chemistry really comes through in all the photos. We had so much fun coming up with different poses and photo ideas during the engagement part of the photo session. I’m so excited for these two! Congrats!
…notice the Cinderella sign behind them ;)


Peter came up with the perfect way to surprise his girlfriend Tina, on a (not so ordinary) walk to a work event earning in the morning. Sometimes you gotta catch a gal off guard by surprising them on a regular day! Tina was shocked. Peter and Tina’s proposal took place on a chilly winter day right at sunrise. What a way to start the day, right?! The light was gorgeous with the sun rising just moments before Peter dropped to his knee. He created a beautiful card for Tina  which made the moment extra special No need for coffee for these two, nothing wakes you up like the endorphin rush of love! :) I’m so happy for Tina and Pete! Congrats!

Tina and Pete’s story  and my photos were featured by How He Asked. Check out their post here… http://howheasked.com/highline-proposal-in-new-york-city












David and Val are from Texas and visit NYC each year. David wanted the setting for his marriage proposal to feature the best of both worlds that NYC has to offer, combining the  natural beauty of Central Park  with the modern architecture and sleekness of the New York City scape. I recomended one of my favorite spots that looks out over the skating rink in Central Park on the Southside. The views are spectacular from this vantage point. The southsie of Central Park captures modern NYC while the north side has a more classic old world New York feel.   It was much colder than these photos might coney but fortunately it wasn’t icy otherwise it would have been too slippery to pull off safely! Before he proposed David and Val had brunch at Sarahbeth’s nearby and then they strolled over to check out the views and snap some selfies. Before Val knew it David was on his knee popping the question! I love her reaction. So adorable. The taxi-cab photo at the end of the photo set is one of my favorites! Congrats to Dave & Val!






















Shelby and Will are young and madly in love. When you’ve met the love of your life you just know (to paraphrase Will). Will is a Memphis musician and Shelby is a fashion blogger with mega style. Will actually takes many of the pictures for Shelby’s lovely blog The Memphis Jewel. Shelby is Willl’s biggest fan. It’s so sweet to see the way they love and support each other’s creative endeavors. You can really seee how excited they are for each other.

Will  proposed to Shelby on the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center during Christmas season. I shoot lots of proposals there and I’ve featured a bunch here and here on the blog but I wanted to share how gorgeous Rockefeller Cneter looks even during the daytime. A lot to guys have asked me if Rockefeller Center is better at night or during the day. Both times have their own magic. One of the benefits of daytime is the light is so flattering! Will and Shelby are naturally gorgeous and the winter day light really makes them glow. Another benefit of the rink during the daytime is it is a bit less crowded than at ngiht.

Can we talk about Will and Shelby’s outfits for a minute. Just killer! They have such a quirky, elegant and edgy throwback style. <3  <3 <3

















Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal

Where is the best view of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center? Answer: The skating rink!

I’ve photographed more than 50 proposals at the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink. It is by far THE best place to get a gorgeous unobstructed view of the Christmas Tree when proposing. I love shooting at the rink. It’s so magical watching the ice rink clear and for the couple to be left alone in the center of the rink surrounded by the famous flags and the historic Rockefeller Christmas Tree. It’s always a fun challenge photographing on the ice without slipping.

Photographing Scott and Ali’s proposal at Rockefeller Center felt like I was watching the most romantic movie. I captured them discreetly as they skated around the rink to their favorite song. Then Scott got down on his knee and proposed to Ali. It was stunning!

If you’re thinking of proposing at the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center I would love to photograph it for you and provide all my best tips and tricks for your proposal to go perfectly smooth. There can be many moving parts, but I want to make to make it a breeze for you. Feel free to email me and I will help you come up with an awesome plan for carrying out your surprise proposal on the skating rink and getting gorgeous pictures of the moment.

– Ash Fox

 “I surprised my girlfriend with a trip to NYC for our engagement last December. Ali had never before been to New York and she fell in love with the vibrant feel of the City. After a few amazing days of romantic dinners, a Broadway Show, Christmas Spectacular, a walking tour of the city and endless shopping, the highlight was proposing to Ali on the ice at the Rockefellar Center beneath the recently lit Rockefellar Christmas Tree. I found Ash via her website a month or so prior to our trip and asked if she could help “capture the moment.” Ash was outstanding. Her pictures were stunning and her efforts to aid me in my planning of the weekend were beyond the call of duty. She is a true professional. She stayed out of view (so as not to ruin my surprise) and took really nice photos of Ali and I just skating around “having a good time” prior to the proposal, which captured the feel of the night. And then her photos as I knelt down to propose and thereafter were spectacular. I am so glad I contacted her. I would recommend her with the highest conviction. Thanks Ash. Phenomenal job. And as a quick update…Ali and I are now married…and hope to visit NYC again this December to recapture the moment. Cheers!.” -Scott M.

Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal

Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal.

Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal



Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal

Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal