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I absolutely loved shooting Andrew’s proposal in the West Village on a cool crisp November morning. He and his stunning fiancé live in the West Village so he surprised her before Sunday brunch after grabbing coffee and strolling through one of their favorite local parks in the West Village. With their perfectly coordinated outfits, good looks, and the ambiance of the fall foliage I felt like I was shooting Ralph Lauren’s Fall fashion campaign! NYC ladies are so fashionable that even just caught off guard on a regular Sunday morning they look picture perfect!
When New York City locals propose a lot of times we talk about integrating the proposal into a regular day so that she doesn’t see it coming. NYC ladies have seen it all and since so many tourists propose in most of the classic postcard New York locations, most  guys and gals like to choose more sentimental spots from their daily lives with their partners such as their favorite restaurants or the park where they sip their Sunday morning coffee :) I have a lot of secret spots up my sleeve from 10 years living in NYC and I’m learning new ones everyday. I hadn’t been to this little park before Andrew told me about it.  People ask me all the time where’s the best place to propose or what’s my favorite kind of proposal to shoot? In my opinion a laid back stroll with the person you love the most is classic romance at it’s finest. Keeping it simple  (my number one proposal tip !) is often times more intimate and cuts down on stress levels for the person proposing.



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On an icy winter day Chris proposed to his long term girlfriend on the waterfront in Hoboken. Chris and his gorgeous fiancé live in Hoboken just over the river on the west side of Manhattan. I LOVE HOBOKEN! It is basically the Brooklyn Heights of New Jersey with it’s brownstones, gorgeous tree lined blocks and adorable cosy corner restaurants. I always have a great time visiting Hoboken and Chris’s proposal was no exception! It was one of the coldest days of the winter dipping to under 20 degrees, but Chris was a trooper and he and his girlfriend were armed with layers. The went for a stroll to take in the amazing view and then he dropped to his knee. I love Hoboken as unexpected proposal location. It’s just a short path train ride away from Herald Sq in the center of Manhattan. Hoboken is much quieter than Dumbo and you get an amazing skyline view featuring the Empire State Building which you can’t see from Dumbo. I love this location for couples wanting to have their proposal captured with the NYC skyline. After the proposal there are tons of cute restaurants and little shops to check out. I highly recommend it! :)