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decorative waterfront proposal at night

This story is in my client Jomo’s words. I think you’ll find that he describes their proposal perfectly.

“At an early stage in our relationship, I remember her saying one of her favorite things would be to walk into a candle lit room with rose petals spread all over. I wanted to create that atmosphere and being that it was going to be a proposal, I wanted it to have that special touch to it. I felt like if I did it at our home or some nice hotel it would be nice but I also wanted it to be captured.”

I did some online research and stumbled onto so many other ideas and photographers and their work but once I stumbled onto your work, I was amazed by your work and immediately knew what I wanted. If I remember correctly, when we discussed the idea, the words we used were, “nice but simple.” Once the arrangements were made, I told my fiancée that I made plans for us so she made sure that she was available.⠀

Fast forward to the actual day – she kept asking where we were going so I told her it a function and it’s something she always wanted to go to, so dress nicely.

We took an Uber to Dumbo and as soon as I saw you Ash, I texted you and started following your lead. I could see that she was a bit confused because we were walking through a dark path but she didn’t suspect a thing! As we approached the destination, she saw all the rose petals and candles but she still didn’t know it was for her.

We came to a stop and I had my speech ready for her. Once I got on my knee to propose, she couldn’t hold her emotions back. There were many happy tears!⠀

She absolutely loved her proposal and I was absolutely satisfied with your work, Ash. There were city lights, candle lights, rose petals and cameras there to capture the moment. My initial proposal idea was going to be indoors but you made it possible outdoors and we loved it?.”

It was such an honor to help Jomo make his dream marriage proposal a reality. I would love to help you! Feel free to get in touch!

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo engagement

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo Proposal Engagement

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo Engagment

Aayush’s proposal was such  pleasure to plan. Other than the foggy weather which we couldn’t have predicted it went exactly as planned! Aayush and I actually agreed that the fog wound up adding to the romance of the scene as if they were in a dome creating a very cinematic ambiance. Cue the fog! Addintionally. because of the weather, Dumbo was very quiet and serene on this day. Aayush and I planned to organize a picnic, which I set up for him before the proposal with a blanket, wine, flowers and LED candles to set the mood. When Aayush’s girlfriend arrived at the spot she was shocked to see a picnic set up and waiting for them. Before they sat down to enjoy the wine, Aayush got down on his knee and proposed. It was so romantic! She was so shocked and excited. Afterwards they toasted with some wine and then we took some beautiful engagement portraits around the area. We even did a fun over the top reenactment of the proposal under the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo. I love that photo. :)

I’m love helping guys and gals personalize their proposals with extra special touches like flowers, candles, picnics, champagne, posters and more. Adding a few props is a great way to add a little person flair to the proposal. I’m more than happy to help plan and source the materials needed to make a proposal extra special unique. Other times guys provide some or all of the personal touches and I set them up before the proposal.

Ash Fox