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Scott and Danielle’s Central Park Zoo engagement was an epic proposal I’ll never forget. Scott and Danielle are members of the Zoo, so planned a nice day trip to explore the zoo with a few of their closest friends. In front of the seal exhibit, Scott dropped to his knee proposing to Danielle. She was blown away. A huge gaggle of friends and family rushed in cheering with signs and flowers. Scott and Danielle’s Proposal was a party proposal to the max.  They are the epitome #relationshipgoals for all who know them. It was an honor to photograph the big surprise – Ash Fox










central park zoo proposal






Cherry Blossom Season is approaching. We had such an unseasonably mild winter this year in NYC so the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom earlier than usual. I’m guessing they’ll be in full bloom by the first week of April. So if you’re thinking of proposing in a park and want to upping the ante on floral beauty, consider proposing during the cherry blossom peak!

Where are the best places to see the cherry blossoms in the NYC area? My 3 favorites are…

  • Central Park
  • The Brooklyn Botanical Garden http://www.bbg.org
  • Branch Brook Park Newark, NJ

Jeroen timed his proposal perfectly in sync with the cherry blossom bloom. Timing is as essential with cherry blossoms as with marriage proposals. Central Park is beautiful all year round, but peak Cherry Blossom bloom is majestic.
















Fall is really one of the best seasons in NYC. It’s finally the perfect temperature to do anything without complaining that it’s too hot or too cold. Everything everywhere from coffee to pizza is pumpkin and cinnamon flavored. Everyone’s smiling. That drink isn’t spiked is spiced! Black is back, and it’s leather weather! There are other reasons to smile now that it’s fall. NYC is very romantic in the fall…  remember that Wynonna Ryder movie “Autumn in New York?” Fall in New York is the perfect season to propose and the colors, cozy clothing, and ideal temperature make it the perfect engagement portrait season.

NYC Autumn Proposal Tips

  • embrace the peak foliage which generally happens mid-late October through early November!
  • take advangtage of light layers, a blazer or bulky sweater with large pockets is the perfect place to stash a ring…summer makes for trickier ring hiding issues
  • enjoy a day trips outside the city, some of the best fall foliage can be seen in upstate NY and central NJ


Get inspired by these gorgeous Fall proposals 


Autumn Proposal Location Ideas & fun Fall Activities

  • Dia Beacon – the incredible sculpture center in Beacon NY featuring the work of Robert Smithson, Louise Bourgeois and Richard Serra among others
  • Apple Picking!
  • The Jack o Lantern Maze in Upstate NY
  • Cold Springs
  • Duke Farms NJ – Doris Dukes stunning property is now a park open to the public
  • The Dog Halloween Parade in Tompkins Square Park one of my favorite fun fall activities
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – an extremely romantic fall venue for your proposal,  right next to the Brooklyn Museum











Dumbo Proposal



Austin proposed to his now fiancé, Amber, on a warm autumn afternoon.  If Autumn is your favorite time of year, Central Park really showcases the beauty of the season to it’s fullest. I suggested the Bow Bridge as one of my favorite classic spots in the park. Amber (no that isn’t Jessica Alba!) was so surprised and elated when Austin dropped to his knee in front of the amazing view of the bridge. They were visiting the city from Florida, so Austin wanted a spot that would capture the unique character of Central Park. I was thrilled to be there to witness and photograph this couple’s magic moment!
























David and Val are from Texas and visit NYC each year. David wanted the setting for his marriage proposal to feature the best of both worlds that NYC has to offer, combining the  natural beauty of Central Park  with the modern architecture and sleekness of the New York City scape. I recomended one of my favorite spots that looks out over the skating rink in Central Park on the Southside. The views are spectacular from this vantage point. The southsie of Central Park captures modern NYC while the north side has a more classic old world New York feel.   It was much colder than these photos might coney but fortunately it wasn’t icy otherwise it would have been too slippery to pull off safely! Before he proposed David and Val had brunch at Sarahbeth’s nearby and then they strolled over to check out the views and snap some selfies. Before Val knew it David was on his knee popping the question! I love her reaction. So adorable. The taxi-cab photo at the end of the photo set is one of my favorites! Congrats to Dave & Val!





















gapstow bridge proposal Peter’s proposal was a double surprise. First he surprised her with a ring…   central park river proposal     couple hugging after proposal surprised bride after proposal celebrating after proposal   … and then with all of Catherine’s BEST friends!!! A double surprise proposal can be tough to pull off because the more elements you add to a proposal the more you have to be aware of having everything perfectly timed. I love photographing proposals with a double surprise, because just when you think she’s as excited as she could possibly be, her reaction is magnified ten fold when she sees how her fiancé arranged for her friends to be there too. I just love Catherine’s reaction in all the photos. Also, this proposal took place in early fall, just when the leaves were starting to change color. We’re not quite there yet, but Central Park in the cal is absolutely beautiful. I love how the ivy on the Gapstow Bridge turns red. Every season has it’s own unique character and is equally romantic. – Ash Fox, Suprise Proposal Photographer family after proposal   bride and groom kissing by river   engagement ring with flowers DSC_6706 central park proposal photographycentral park surprise proposal

Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement

Ali and Jasmine were visiting NYC from Canada and Ali planned to propose in Central Park on a cold snowy day. Central Park is beautiful no matter the season. Every season the park looks strikingly different. In winter it’s stark white and blue, other days grey and burnt orange. Currently it’s green and lush, now that cherry blossom season is over. I love looking back at proposals that have happened in the same location across seasons. Come to think of it, it would make for a pretty cool post.

Ali and Jasmine are an absolutely adorable as you can see. They have this amazing chemistry and humor between each other. There’s a little twinkle of mischief in each of their eyes that shows their passion and fun loving dynamic. I love Jasmine’s story of how they met. It was love at first sight as a mutual friend’s party. He told her “come here” and she said “no, you come here”! The rest is history. – Ash

NYC Bathesda Fountain Proposal  Bathesda Fountain Engagement Bathesda Fountain Proposal  woman accepts ring NYC central park

Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement

Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement  Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal Engagement Central Park Bathesda Fountain Proposal EngagementDSC_9770

Newly engaged couple kissing; beautiful outdoors marriage proposal photography by ASH FOX Photography and Video This proposal ranks as one of the most original and romantic proposals I’ve shot! Chris knew that his girlfriend loved castles and fairytales and created a real life fairytale for Nicole. He just blew her away with this epic proposal, complete with a violinist playing their song Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” softly in the background.  I had an amazing time shooting this proposal for them. Here’s Chris’s testimonial : “I hired Ash to capture a very special moment – my proposal to my girlfriend (she said yes!). Ash was a total pro and extremely easy to work with – she helped me plan out the best way to get her involved unbeknownst to my girlfriend, and captured every moment of the proposal. Our friends and family are obsessed with the photos – thanks for everything”! – Chris M marriage proposal photography, perfect proposal, Hire/Book a NYC Photographer, Hire/Book a NY Photographer, Proposal Photographer, Marriage Proposal Photographer, Marriage Proposal, Hire a NYC Photographer, Hire/Book a NYC Photographer, NYC Proposal Photographer, Manhattan Proposal Photographer, Brooklyn Proposal Photographer, Hire a Photographer, Hire a Proposal Photographer, Wedding Engagement Photographer, Central Park Proposal, Central Park Boathouse Proposal, Central Park Proposal Photographer, Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Proposal Photographer, Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Proposal Photography, Proposing to girlfriend NYC, Proposing to girlfriend Brooklyn, Proposing to girlfriend Manhattan, Propose to girlfriend NYC, Propose to girlfriend New York City, Propose to girlfriend Manhattan, Propose to girlfriend Brooklyn, Proposal Central Park, Photograph engagement, Photographer for Engagement, Photographer for Proposal NYC, Photographer for Proposal NY, Photographer for Proposal New York City, Photographer for Engagement Manhattan, Photographer for Engagement Brooklynpost proposal kiss in front of castle in new jerseyembracing in the sunlight of a cstle proposalcastle proposal kneeling ring photography

Girl about to be proposed to as she walks with her boyfriend along the DUMBO waterfront

I love photographing couples in front of the incredible NYC skyline. When JD got in touch with me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Anna we combined forces and brainstormed an awesome proposal along the waterside in DUMBO including a ferry ride, in which I discreetly photographed them (sneaky sneaky)! I always love when guys add special personal touches to their proposal. JD created a beautiful photo book of his and Anna’s journey as a couple together. He also picked out such a beautiful and unique canary yellow ring! I’m a big fan of yellow if you couldn’t tell. Anna was completely shocked and so thrilled! This summertime proposal was so romantic, I was “kvelling” (as the say in Yiddish–to be so overwhelmed with emotion). She of course said yes!


Brooklyn Bridge park proposal looking at NYC skyline

DUMBO Proposal with binoculars looking at NYC skyline

Dumbo Proposal photograph

Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge Park Proposal hugging and embracing

Engagement ring photograph in Brooklyn Bridg park after an epic proposal

Photo book at Brooklyn Bridge Park Proposal

Kissing in Brooklyn Bridge Park after a Proposal