Frequently Asked Questions

“What about the Weather?” 

If we know for certain the weather will be bad we can often move the time of the proposal or date as long as schedules allow. Many of the spaces have indoor spaces where you can duck for cover, stay warm/ dry and enjoy your champagne.

“How will I get my partner there without them suspecting” 

The rooftop proposal is one of the most seamless game plans because you can tell your partner you are taking them to dinner, drinks, a cooking class, a wine tasting, or even a work event. I will also help you tweak the game plan and strategy so it makes perfect sense for you.

“What about COVID” 

The rooftop proposal is still available during COVID. The space is clean, open air, and the perfect intimate socially distanced option for your proposal. We are currently very flexible with schedule issues if they arrive because of pandemic restrictions. Please provide as much advance notice as possible

“Can I bring guests?”

No extra guests are permitted. If your proposal plan requires having a guest escort your fiancé to the venue, that is permitted.

If you MUST have guests in the last 15 min of your session you can have up to 4 relatives surprise you and we can take pictures with them. This is an extra $200. Everyone is required to exit at the end of the session time. If you would like to rent for an extra hour it is a $700-1000 additional fee depending on the venue.