proposal at waterfall

Mayuran and his girlfriend are New Yorkers. When your girlfriend lives in NYC she’s seemingly seen it all, which makes it tough choosing a location here. The couples loves discovering new places together, so when Mayuran called me it was important that his location be somewhere they’d never been so that they’d have a unique place to cherish forever. This secret waterfall is one of my favorite places in NYC. I would not suggest this spot if you are on vacation visiting NYC because it’s difficult to find and isn’t a spot that screams “We’re in NYC”. On the other hand if you live in NYC and want a truly unique proposal idea, that makes you feel like you’ve escaped the city completely, this is your spot.  I’ve scoured the city for every romantic hidden nook and cranny and this is one of my personal favorites. Ritika had no idea where Mayuran was taking her but once she entered this spot she was blown away by the beauty and zen like serenity. Just as she was taken it all in, Mayuran was down on his knee proposing to her. It was so satisfying and magical to get to share this moment and special place with this incredible couple.

In Ritika’s words:

How we met: I was on a Bollywood fusion dance team in college and during my freshman year we made it into our first competition at Mayuran’s university. He was part of the planning committee and was assigned to showing my team around and bringing us to  rehearsals. We kept in touch over Facebook long after the competition and eventually began a long distance romance. Fast-forward 6 years, and we’re planning a wedding!

The location:

Our two most favorite things about New York are 1) the amazing food and 2) long strolls through Central Park. The fact that Mayuran encompassed both — a surprise proposal in Central Park, followed by an amazing dinner at Eleven Madison Park — was true perfection! I think it’s so special that we will be able to go back to “our spot” in the park for years to come.

The surprise:

Mayuran and I have been together for more than 6 years and out of those, have lived together for 2. On top of that, I’m a journalist by profession so I’m constantly asking questions and digging for answers. We both knew it would be very hard to surprise me but Mayuran didn’t back down from the challenge. He predicted my every move and nailed down every detail, to the point where I thought going to Central Park that day was MY idea. Little did I know, he had planned the whole proposal while I was traveling across the world for work in a completely different time zone! He also managed to fly all the way down to my hometown in Ohio to ask my parents for their blessing without my knowledge. We had talked about getting married but I had no idea the proposal was coming this year, let alone on a random summer weeknight!