Frequently Asked Questions

I want to propose but I’m concerned about the weather. What is your weather policy?

I understand that weather is very unpredictable in NYC, which is why we always create a “Plan-B” option together. This might mean changing the time/date, or switching to an indoor location. In some instances we have no choice but to go through with the proposal because, at the last minute, it has rained or snowed. In that case, I photograph the moment to the best of my ability.

Unfortunately, the Rooftop Proposal Package does not always allow for rescheduling since the venues are so in demand, but most all of the options have indoor spaces available and awnings. If it rains, we can still capture the proposal outside before you both head indoors and celebrate with champagne.

Where is the best place in NYC to propose?

There is no right answer! We would love to get to know you and your future fiancés’ tastes so we can help determine the uniquely perfect spot for you. In the meantime, head to my blog for some ideas!

Where can we go after the proposal?

We will provide you with an insider’s list of the best (non-touristy) romantic places where you can go after your proposal for brunch, dinner, cocktails, or even just to relax and enjoy the city. Check out this post for some ideas.

I’m not proposing in NYC, but I need help – can you help me?

Absolutely! No matter where in the world you are, you can consult me for proposal ideas, strategy and overall planning to ensure your day goes perfectly.

What is the best time of day to propose in NYC?

New York City is crowded. Perhaps you’ve seen a picture of a clean, empty Brooklyn Bridge – unfortunately, this is not what it looks like at all hours of the day. The best time of day is when there are not too many people around, crowding your pictures. This is even more important than perfect lighting, since a great photographer can get a beautiful photo in any lighting scenario. We can always shift the lighting, but it is much harder to crop out a series of selfie sticks!

Does anyone ever say “no?”

I get asked this question nearly every day! Fortunately, we have never had anyone decline a proposal. The answer has always been yes. A good rule of thumb is to know the answer will be “yes” before you propose.

Do you do other types of photography outside of proposals?

Proposals are my full-time job and passion, but we can photograph anything. We are often hired by fashion companies and corporations to photograph their events and headquarters. Additionally, we photograph love in any form – whether you just started dating or want some nice photos to celebrate your anniversary, vow renewal, wedding or elopement.

What kind of camera do you use?

We use the Nikon D800 which is the top portrait camera on the market. We are always prepared with a backup camera.

Do you offer private spaces where I can propose?

Absolutely! We have scoured the city for the best private locations that are perfect for proposals. From private rooftops to terraces to luxurious hotel suites, we have something perfect for your intimate private proposal.

I have no idea how I should propose! Where do I start?

Once you are ready to lock in the service, we will set up a call for a planning session to get started brainstorming ideas. During our session, we will show you pictures and links to locations, we will strategize and scheme up the perfect proposal concept for you and your loved one. Everything will be set up for you, so that all you will have to do is show up and propose! Email me to get started!

Do you photograph proposals for LGBTQ couples?

All the time! We also do proposals for women who want to propose to men. Whoever wants to propose and get married, should! Love is love!