Lincoln Square Christmas Tree

Lincoln Center Park:

This timeless tree is right in front of Lincoln Center and the Empire Hotel. A quiet alternative to the bustling Lincoln Center fountain, its stelar location allows for engagement photos at both locations.

Plaza Hotel Christmas Tree                  Plaza Hotel Christmas Tree Engagement

The Plaza Hotel Christmas Tree

Indoors and out of the freezing cold, this is the perfect spot to show off your elegant outfit in engagement photos. The Plaza has a fairly strict policy of who is let into the main lobby during the holidays. Your best bet to scoring this coveted classic? Make a reservation at the Palm Court or book a room for the night.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Kiss         engagement on ice photography

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:

This list wouldn’t be complete without Rock Center’s legendary tree. Everyone loves this dazzler – making it one of the most crowded attractions in the city. Take my advice and propose here at an off-time, like in the morning around 10am. It’s still stunning during the daytime. The best spot in Rockefeller Center to propose is in front of the Christmas Tree on the Skating rink, but you must book early because this package books up fast!

Bryant Park Christmas Tree Engagement

Bryant Park Christmas Tree:

I love the Bryant Park Tree, situated right outside Bryant Park’s skating rink. Free, but crowded (albeit less than Rockefeller Center!), this spot is definitely worth checking out for a holiday proposal. This tree is gorgeous, well-lit, and features large ornaments. Spend your special night exploring Bryant Park, visiting the holiday shops, and going ice skating!

Rockefeller Skating Rink Proposal

The Rockefeller Skating Rink

It’s worth reiterating that the absolute best view of the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is found on the skating rink. If you are able to secure the engagement on ice package with the rink, do it! This epic proposal feels like a movie. It is also very underpriced, given you have the entire skating rink to yourself. I have shot over 50 proposals at this rink, and it remains my top choice for NYC Christmastime proposals.


The Palace Hotel Christmas Tree

The Palace Hotel was featured on Gossip Girl, so you know it’s photogenic. Their tree is stunning and is backdropped by picturesque St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s a fairy tale come to life. It’s not crowded at all (though I’m aware that I’m letting the word out in this post!). I highly recommend this spot if you’d like to do a Christmas-themed NYC proposal this season.

Ash Fox - Wedding Proposal - New York City

The Southstreet Seaport Christmas Tree

Many New-Yorkers are surprised to find out that Southstreet Seaport is as equally delightful in the winter as it is in the summer. This original location avoids the crowds without sacrificing landmark scenery – perfect for your magical moment!

I’m Ash Fox, an engagement planner, expert and photographer located in New York, New York. It would be my honor to help you plan the perfect marriage proposal! I help with proposal ideas, locations and strategy. I photograph engagements in gorgeous photos and help add personalized elements like private venues, live musicians, and custom decorations.  To start planning your proposal, free to e-mail me at and we can get started.


Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday! Whether celebrating with a partner or with family it’s such a nice way to celebrate your loved ones…oh and the colors pink and red!

Valentine’s Day is obviously one of the most popular days for proposing and getting engaged. No matter how commercialized the day has become it remains a day for celebrating love and romance. Expect to see a lot of Facebook posts going up this Valentines Day with rings, and champagne! Last year, even Lady Gaga got engaged on Vday!

As a proposal photographer and planner, I’ve photographed and planned nearly 1000 surprise proposals and engagements all over New York City. Here are my Top 5 favorite location spots for proposing on or around Valentine’s Day!


#5 The Love Statue: This spot encapsulates Valentines Day in one word. L,O,V,E. Propose to your loved one in front of the iconic Robert Indiana Sculpture in Midtown Manhattan. Say it like the New York Dolls but spell it right When I say I’m in love you best believe I’m in love, L U V”



#4 “Be My Highline Valentine”  Proposal: This Highline proposal fell on the day after Valentine’s Day which is a fantastic way to continue the celebration of love while throwing your loved one for a loop. She might be a little disappointed once Valentine’s Day is over, but when you propose the next day she’s certain to be surprised. Now you have two special days to celebrate for years to come! See the full story here!:



#3 Library Proposal –  For those interested in a warm indoor spot why not “take a page” (ba-dum- ching!) from one of my favorite proposals of all time. A library proposal works great anytime of year but it’s an especially cosy options for a chilly February day like Valentine’s Day. See the full post here:

Waterfront Proposal


#2 Candle Lit Skyline Waterfront Proposal: Be warned, the waterfronts are very chilly this time of year, but frostbite is worth it to pull off this exceptionally romantic look for your Valentine!

Check out another stunning waterfront proposal here:



# 1 Private Rooftop with iconic views- My top spot! If your budget allows, it’s worth going the extra mile to secure a private location for proposing to your Valentine. Private spaces are wonderful because you can personalize and customize your proposal to your liking while overlooking a stunning view of the city that only a select few will have for their proposals.

Check out another gorgeous Private Rooftop proposal with Empire State Building views here:

For more of my proposal tips during Valentines Day check out my interview with CBS Radio! Link Below

Going to Propose on Valentine’s Day? Ash Fox Knows the Best Place in NYC to Do It!


Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo – Ash Fox


Spencer’s marriage proposal to Samantha was a fairytale brought to life. He brilliantly came up with the perfect proposal ideas for his gorgeous fiancé-to-be Samantha. Samantha loves fairytales and this year Saks Fifth Avenue’s incredible window display was a fairytale theme with each window representing a different story  like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Little Red Raiding Hood to name a few. I’ve seen so many displays but these were truly outstanding.  Spencer took Samantha to check out the window displays. It was exciting enough to just be in NYC seeing the amazing windows, but Spencer had a surprise up his sleeve.  They stood online and strolled together ooo-ing and ah–ing over the amazing windows. When they reached the last window it displayed the greatest fairytale of all! A large customized sign asking Samantha to marry him. As soon as she saw the window he dropped to his knee and popped the question. Spencer is a real life Prince Charming! I’m so thrilled for this sweet couple! Wishing them happily ever after!

The awesome proposal website How He Asked also did a cool feature on this proposal. You can check it out here:















Washington Square Park Engagement

I photograph proposals for guys and girls from all of the world. Many are visiting NYC for the very first time., experiencing the city with fresh eyes. Others are here on a return visit. Maybe NY was the city where they first kissed, first fell in love, other times one person is brining the other to NYC so they can see it through the other’s eyes. It goes without saying what a romantic place NYC is. There is romance to be found in every nook and cranny.

When New York City is your backyard you can sometimes take it for granted (which is why I love shooting proposals because I get a chance to experience it anew through the couples eyes). I know I pass the Empire State building almost everyday. I try to remember to look up and remind myself that I’m living here in the city I dreamed of. Sometimes especially on quiet nights walking home it really hits me how blessed I am to be surrounded by the art of architects who had visions for a place where people could live and work amongst classic and modern beauty!

Local NYC guys are often looking to propose in the nooks and crannies of NYC and love to transform the mundane into something extraordinary. The magic of NY is it’s changing at every moment. How amazing is it that in one moment your backyard park becomes the place where your boyfriend tells you he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.  Adam chose Washington Square Park for his proposal. He and his stunning fiancé live downtown, so Washington Square Park is their park.  Washington Square park represents all that is quintessentially Greenwich village. You have your chess players, dancers, saxophone players, book clubs, NYU students, jugglers, fake drug dealers, and even a piano player with a full on babygrand underneath the famous arches. I absolutely loved photographing this proposal on the late August day. Diana couldn’t have been more shocked when on a seemingly ordinary stroll through the park, Adam dropped to his knee in front of the fountain perfectly framing himself with the Washington Square arches behind them.

Ash Fox

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement


Washington Square Park Engagement

Washington Square Park Engagement

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo engagement

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo Proposal Engagement

Dumbo Proposal

Dumbo Engagment

Aayush’s proposal was such  pleasure to plan. Other than the foggy weather which we couldn’t have predicted it went exactly as planned! Aayush and I actually agreed that the fog wound up adding to the romance of the scene as if they were in a dome creating a very cinematic ambiance. Cue the fog! Addintionally. because of the weather, Dumbo was very quiet and serene on this day. Aayush and I planned to organize a picnic, which I set up for him before the proposal with a blanket, wine, flowers and LED candles to set the mood. When Aayush’s girlfriend arrived at the spot she was shocked to see a picnic set up and waiting for them. Before they sat down to enjoy the wine, Aayush got down on his knee and proposed. It was so romantic! She was so shocked and excited. Afterwards they toasted with some wine and then we took some beautiful engagement portraits around the area. We even did a fun over the top reenactment of the proposal under the Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo. I love that photo. :)

I’m love helping guys and gals personalize their proposals with extra special touches like flowers, candles, picnics, champagne, posters and more. Adding a few props is a great way to add a little person flair to the proposal. I’m more than happy to help plan and source the materials needed to make a proposal extra special unique. Other times guys provide some or all of the personal touches and I set them up before the proposal.

Ash Fox

surprise marriage proposal tudor city

Raymond was trying to find the perfect spot for his proposal in NYC. His gorgeous girlfriend is a student here in NYC and he lives in California. He didn’t want to choose one of her obvious local haunts, but rather find a special place she may not have yet discovered in her short time here in NYC. This way the spot was all their own. He had seen my video online, where I’m standing in Tudor City talking about how I help plan and photographer proposals and thought “I like where Ash is standing, how about doing it there!” So Ray and I hashed out a plan and I shot his proposal right there in my favorite secret hideout in all of NYC. I write this knowing that I might eat my words, because next thing you know everyone may be hanging out in Tudor City! That’s NYC for you. Once the word is out about a cool spot, that little corner of the universe is up for grabs! So I’ll savor this spot for now as my secret hideout, other than sharing it with awesome couples like Ray and Alexa. They are young, gourgous, and full of laughs. This winter day was BITTER COLD, but they were troopers! Love does have a warming effect!

surprise marriage proposal tudor city

engagement photo tudor city

engagement photo tudor city

engagement photo tudor city

engagement photo tudor city

engagement photo tudor city

engagement photo tudor city

engagement photo tudor city

Proposal in Riverside Park 92st St Garden


Stephen knew his girlfriend Alexandra’s favorite movie of all time is “You’ve Got Mail”, the famous 90s movie with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. So, Stephen planned a romantic weekend in NYC around the theme of the movie taking Alexandra to many of the famous locations featured in the movie. The final destination to complete the movie scavenger hunt would be Riverside Park where Stephen planned to propose. I love this proposal because Stephen really knows Alexandra and personalized the proposal around something that means a lot to her, a place that makes her heart sing. Whoever proposes to me should watch the film “Great Expectations” with Gweynth Paltrow and Ethan Hawk if they want to get ideas ;).



Proposal in Riverside Park 92st St Garden

Proposal in Riverside Park 92st St GardenProposal in Riverside Park 92st St Garden Proposal in Riverside Garden Park Engagement in 91st Garden Park NYC 91st St Garden Park Engagement

Proposal in Riverside Park 91st Garden

Engagement in Riverside Park Proposal in Riverside Park 92st St Garden Proposal in Riverside Park 92st St GardenProposal in Riverside Park 92st St Garden

Engagement photography in Riverside Park

Riverside Park Engagement photography

Newly engaged couple kissing; beautiful outdoors marriage proposal photography by ASH FOX Photography and Video This proposal ranks as one of the most original and romantic proposals I’ve shot! Chris knew that his girlfriend loved castles and fairytales and created a real life fairytale for Nicole. He just blew her away with this epic proposal, complete with a violinist playing their song Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” softly in the background.  I had an amazing time shooting this proposal for them. Here’s Chris’s testimonial : “I hired Ash to capture a very special moment – my proposal to my girlfriend (she said yes!). Ash was a total pro and extremely easy to work with – she helped me plan out the best way to get her involved unbeknownst to my girlfriend, and captured every moment of the proposal. Our friends and family are obsessed with the photos – thanks for everything”! – Chris M marriage proposal photography, perfect proposal, Hire/Book a NYC Photographer, Hire/Book a NY Photographer, Proposal Photographer, Marriage Proposal Photographer, Marriage Proposal, Hire a NYC Photographer, Hire/Book a NYC Photographer, NYC Proposal Photographer, Manhattan Proposal Photographer, Brooklyn Proposal Photographer, Hire a Photographer, Hire a Proposal Photographer, Wedding Engagement Photographer, Central Park Proposal, Central Park Boathouse Proposal, Central Park Proposal Photographer, Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Proposal Photographer, Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Proposal Photography, Proposing to girlfriend NYC, Proposing to girlfriend Brooklyn, Proposing to girlfriend Manhattan, Propose to girlfriend NYC, Propose to girlfriend New York City, Propose to girlfriend Manhattan, Propose to girlfriend Brooklyn, Proposal Central Park, Photograph engagement, Photographer for Engagement, Photographer for Proposal NYC, Photographer for Proposal NY, Photographer for Proposal New York City, Photographer for Engagement Manhattan, Photographer for Engagement Brooklynpost proposal kiss in front of castle in new jerseyembracing in the sunlight of a cstle proposalcastle proposal kneeling ring photography