proposal at prospect park

Congrats to Bridget & Rachel! Bridget’s story: “Prospect Park, and the Boathouse in particular, holds a special significance for Rachel and me. On one of our first dates, Rachel and I walked through the park and marveled at the beauty of the Boathouse. After moving in together, this became a spot we visit every on our daily walks with our french bulldog, Winona Ryder. This beloved landmark was the perfect location for us to take this next big step together” So excited for these two beauties! They really deserve the award for couple with the best hair!!

kissing after proposal in prospect park


secret nyc park proposal

surprise proposal at nyc park

groom playing the guitar at proposal

The only thing more romantic than being serenaded by a guitar player during your proposal is if the guitar player is your fiancé-to-be! Amol proposed by bringing his girlfriend to their favorite park where his guitar, a blanket and flowers were “randomly” set up. Amol played a song he wrote for her and then dropped to his knee.  Needless to say she said yes!

engagement ring with roses


I’m Ash Fox, a marriage Proposal Planner and Photographer based in New York City. I would be honored to help you bring your big day to life! From proposal ideas, to helping you with locations and strategy, to capturing your engagement in gorgeous photos, to adding personalized elements like private venues, live musicians, and custom decorations, I will help you with every aspect of your proposal planning needs. To start planning your proposal free to get in touch with me at

proposal at the roxy hotel

Whenever Matt and Lindsey are in NYC they love to stay at the Roxy Hotel. In the heart of TriBeCa, it features a classic cinema marquee, mid century design, and the incredible Jazz club, Django. Since Matt and Lindsay have shared so many great memories together there, he felt it would be the perfect place to propose. On their way out for the night he grabbed her hand and dropped to his knee in front of the marquee. This proposal was truly cinematic! One of my top tips for proposing is to get your partner to the spot and immediately drop to your knee. If you wait too long too long before proposing the jig is up and she will know what’s going on. To get a truly satisfying surprise just drop and propose!

leaving roxy hotel

black and white proposal picture

proposal at the united nations building nyc

groom giving bride ring nyc

I get calls and emails all the time that begin with “Where do I even start”. A lot of times it can be overwhelming coming up with an idea for your proposal. You may be overloaded with ideas and not know which one to choose or you may be have no clue where to begin. One great place to start is thinking about activities and interests you share with your partner. For example, Michael and his girlfriend, Emily met competing in Model United Nations together in college. Model UN was both their meeting place and an activity they both were passionate about so Michael took Emily for a tour of the United Nations. Just as they finished the tour, he grabbed Emily’s hand, completely catching her off guard and dropped to his knee in front of the flags and the iconic sparkling silver United Nations building. Emily was shocked and thrilled by Michael’s sentimentality because the UN met a lot to them. I sneakily photographed the entire moment from the street as if I was a tourist passing by. Afterwards I brought them over to Tudor City where we took some post engagement pictures with views of the Chrysler building and others featuring Emily’s pear cut diamond ring set in rose gold is also a dream! Well done Michael!

bride kissing at united nations nyc

Central Park is a wonderful place for marriage proposals year round, but for this post I wanted to focus on proposing in the Spring, Summer or Fall (Winter in Central Park post to come!). Here are some of my best tips for proposing in Central Park in these seasons.

central park river proposal

1. Propose in the late Morning

As a proposal planner and photographer who has witnessed over 13 summers in New York City, I’ve seen how crowded Central Park can get. I always recommend proposing in the late morning, so that your proposal feels more quiet and intimate. Proposing in the Central Park in the morning also gives you the most gorgeous even lighting for your skin, for beautiful proposal and engagement photos. I actually prefer it to golden hour!

late morning proposal

nyc morning proposal

2. Up the Romance factor with Rose petals and Flowers

The possibilities are endless for a beautifying your proposal. You can do an arrangement of rose petals at the spot where you propose for aded romance and spontaneity. As you walk by your partner will notice the petals not realizing they are for her. Then you will grab her hand and bring her to the petals before dropping to your knee. She will be so surprised! Don’t worry about how you are going to set things up, that’s where I come in. Me and my team will have your spot set and decorated accordingly so all you have to do is show up and propose!

guitarist at proposal

3. Create ambiance with Live Music tailored to your taste and style

Another wonderful element that adds incredible ambience to your proposal is having a musician there playing your future fiancé’s favorite songs. When I first started my career, I was a photographer in the NYC music scene photographing musicians,  where I befriended incredible musicians. As a self proclaimed music snob, I only use vetted, professional, full time musicians who tour with famous acts and have performed on television. There are many different ways that we can incorporate a musician into your surprise and have it be something that adds both romantic ambience and sentimental meaning to your big day. I offer acoustic singer/guitarists, saxophone players, violinists, cellists and more!

picnic proposal

4. Have a Picnic

A picnic is another fun element to add to your proposal. Personally I’m not a fan of proposing at the picnic itself, but I think a surprise picnic is a perfect  to have ready and set for you after your proposal! Enjoy sandwiches, fruit and cheese, and Champagne or any special requests of your choice while lounging in the park for your post engagement picnic.

central park picnic proposal

5. Don’t forget Photos!

Surprise Proposal Photography is a must when proposing in Central Park, but after you propose it’s an opportunity for a mini engagement shoot enjoying all the park has to offer. After your surprise proposal, I will take you on a photo tour of the most photogenic spots in the part for a mini engagement portrait shoot, including lots of artistic portraits, candids and details of the ring. It’s super fun and romantic and you get a nice little tour of the park!

Feel free to send me an email and we can get started planning your Surprise Proposal in Central Park!

nyc rooftop proposal

Derek, pulled out all stops for this magical sunrise proposal to his fiancé-to-be,  Roxanne.

They share a beautiful apartment together which can make surprises extra tricky, but Derek pulled this one perfectly. Coordinating with Roxanne’s boss, Derek, made Roxanne think she was getting up extra early for a special presentation. When they headed out the door Derek took a turn towards the elevator and pressed the button for “up” to Roxanne’s, surprise and led her up to rooftop of the building. Sparse and unfinished, the grit of the rooftop juxtaposed with the glow of the early morning sunrise added a cinematic quality to the moment and the photos. This was the earliest proposal I ever worked on. I was up on the roof while it was still dark out, scoping out the space and where would be the best spot for Derek to drop to his knee. It was beautiful watching Derek and Roxanne step out onto the roof just as the sun was rising. Immediately following the proposal, there was another surprise! Roxanne had only a few minutes to pack her bag, because she and Derek were about to be jetting off in a helicopter en route to the airport for a tropical surprise vacation. Derek successfully made a home based proposal extra special by elevating the ordinary. Roxanne woke up thinking it was a regular day, but it ended up being one of the most extraordinary days of her life. – Ash Fox


nyc skyline with proposal

groom proposes on rooftop


post proposal helicopter ride

mini golf proposal

Harris’s marriage proposal took place as the site of his very first date with his girlfriend, Tara, Mini Golfing at Chelsea Piers. Tara, thought it was a regular date night and a fun idea to go mini golfing, but she had no idea that Harris planned to propose there. I pretended to be working at the Mini Golf center blending into the atmosphere as much as possible, but I was really there to secretly photograph Harris’s proposal. After a few holes,  Harris dropped to his knee when Tara least expected it, right there on the mini golf green, with a gorgeous view of the Freedom Tower behind him. A mini golf marriage proposal is a great way to have fun and feel relaxed even though you’ll be proposing. Harris was a smooth operator and showed no sign of nervousness. I loved the way Harris combined an activity they loved as a couple with an homage to their first date together. Often proposals go in one of two directions, a totally new experience where you create a new memory in a new place, or the proposal revisits a sentimental location and the proposal marks an additional milestone in your relationship. – Ash Fox

freedom tower mini golf pre-proposal




NYC Central Park Conservatory Gardens Surprise Proposal with an extra surprise!

Florian selected the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park for his marriage proposal because it reminded him of the parks in Paris. The Conservatory Gardens is a little known spot in the park that is impeccably up-kept with perfectly manicured lawns, shrubs and flowers. During the spring, I love to visit the garden and photograph all the new blooms. It’s a wonderful, oasis away from the crowds and more touristy sites of Central Park.

Florian and I plotted out the perfect spot for him to stand while he waited for his girlfriend to meet him in the park. Little did she know, Florian had two big surprises for her. When she arrived he guided her over to the famous fountain in the center of the garden and dropped to his knee, holding up a classic robin’s egg blue, engagement ring box from Tiffany’s. His fiancé-to-be was  so shocked and excited, but there was more in store! Florian told her to wait with her eyes closed while he jutted off to grab his next surprise. When he returned,  his fiancé felt something furry tickling her nose. She opened her eyes to see a brand new apricot, poodle puppy that she’d always dreamed of owning. Florian did a great job making his marriage proposal unique, personal, and memorable. It was an honor to photograph this couple’s big day! – Ash Fox

















Autumn Gramercy Park Surprise Engagement

Gramercy Park is by far one of the most romantic and exclusive parks in all of NYC. You can only get in with a special key that’s reserved for those who live on the periphery of the park and for the guests of the Gramercy Park hotel, who are able to rent the key. Daniel planned to propose to his beautiful longtime girlfriend, Shelby in Gramercy Park. He surprised her when after a long stroll throughout the city, he was able to slip her into the park a place neither of them had ever been in. I spied on the couple serenity photographing as they strolled through the park, capturing all the moments leading up to Daniel’s knee drop. Shelby was so surprised! After Daniel proposed he waved to me and we spent some time getting some artistic engagement portraits throughout the park. Finally, Daniel suggested they stop by the Gramercy park Hotel nearby, where he surprised her with an engagement party including both their families! Daniel and Shelby’s joy and love for each other is so beautiful to see.  It was really magical to capture their intimate moment surrounded by the fall foliage on that cool November Day.

Gramercy Park is a gorgeous setting for getting engaged no matter the season. If you’re curious about what it looks like in the Spring, check out my post on Chris’s engagement here

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Nick proposed to his longtime girlfriend in one of my favorite hidden pocket parks in the city, the 91st street garden (aka the garden park from “You’ve Got Mail” ) The 91st garden is a great choice if you are looking for a park to propose in that’s not Central Park and away from the crowds. It’s a gorgeous alternate option for an engagement if you don’t have a key to the exclusive Gramercy Park or if you and your girlfriend LOVE the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. It’s such a beautiful place to create a movie moment for your loved one. Nick proposed to his stunning girlfriend on a warm fall day just as the colors of the leaves were beginning to change.  I loved photographing his fiancé’s excitement as she leaped off her feet into Nick’s arms – Ash Fox