decorative waterfront proposal at night

This story is in my client Jomo’s words. I think you’ll find that he describes their proposal perfectly.

“At an early stage in our relationship, I remember her saying one of her favorite things would be to walk into a candle lit room with rose petals spread all over. I wanted to create that atmosphere and being that it was going to be a proposal, I wanted it to have that special touch to it. I felt like if I did it at our home or some nice hotel it would be nice but I also wanted it to be captured.”

I did some online research and stumbled onto so many other ideas and photographers and their work but once I stumbled onto your work, I was amazed by your work and immediately knew what I wanted. If I remember correctly, when we discussed the idea, the words we used were, “nice but simple.” Once the arrangements were made, I told my fiancée that I made plans for us so she made sure that she was available.⠀

Fast forward to the actual day – she kept asking where we were going so I told her it a function and it’s something she always wanted to go to, so dress nicely.

We took an Uber to Dumbo and as soon as I saw you Ash, I texted you and started following your lead. I could see that she was a bit confused because we were walking through a dark path but she didn’t suspect a thing! As we approached the destination, she saw all the rose petals and candles but she still didn’t know it was for her.

We came to a stop and I had my speech ready for her. Once I got on my knee to propose, she couldn’t hold her emotions back. There were many happy tears!⠀

She absolutely loved her proposal and I was absolutely satisfied with your work, Ash. There were city lights, candle lights, rose petals and cameras there to capture the moment. My initial proposal idea was going to be indoors but you made it possible outdoors and we loved it?.”

It was such an honor to help Jomo make his dream marriage proposal a reality. I would love to help you! Feel free to get in touch!

new york city rooftop proposal

In honor of Football Season ?, I wanted to share AQ Shipley’s beautiful proposal story?⠀ ⠀

REAL PROPOSAL: I’ll never forget the first time I spoke with AQ. Some of my clients call me to bounce around ideas, but in AQ’s case, he had a game plan from start to finish and just needed my help to execute it since he lives out of state.⠀

The plan was well thought out – a combination of traditional romance with a modern tech twist.⠀

It makes sense that AQ is so strategic as he’s in the NFL (!!!) and I’m certain the strategy that he uses in sports he applied here in surprising his stunning fiancee (now wife) Shari. AQ knew he wanted privacy, stunning views and lots of space for a top private chef.⠀

The proposal went down like this – AQ told Shari that they were doing a special shoot for a Food and Wine Magazine (this is the part where I get to practice my acting abilities!) and I was to take some test shots of AQ and Shari out on the rooftop before the food was brought in.⠀

Just before I was about to take their photo, AQ suggested to Shari, “Let’s take a selfie.” They were dressed up and on a stunning rooftop with a perfect view of the Freedom Tower. Shari and AQ smiled for the Snapchat selfie when AQ’s Bitmoji popped up on screen with him down on his knee proposing to Shari’s Bitmoji.⠀

I absolutely love the way he blended classic romance with our generation’s modern romance selfie tradition. Jill was shocked and AQ got right down on his knee, just like Bitmoji AQ, proposing to Shari. ?⠀

How beautiful? Leave a comment if you’d love a proposal like this ❤️? ⠀

decorative rooftop couple proposal nyc

Landon’s Fairytale New York City Rooftop Marriage Proposal

Landon wanted to to surprise Sarah with the perfect proposal. She loves NYC so he wanted to have views of the city surrounding her. I got him the perfect space for his proposal and decorated the space with lanterns, fairy lights and rose petals. When Sarah stepped out onto the roof she was in complete shock that Landon put this all together for her. She thought she was just going for early dinner drinks. She didn’t know she was going to a rooftop and definitely not a rooftop all for her and Landon! I’d love to help you plan your rooftop marriage proposal here in NYC. Each proposal is unique and can be customized with decorations, live musicians playing your favorite songs, custom flower designs, champagne and more.

St. Patricks Cathedral proposal

I love Jana and Bernard’s story. It reads like a romantic comedy and culminates in the most perfect proposal inside St. Patricks Cathedral, one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Planning a great proposal is all about paying attention to details and remembering little hints your partner gives you about what they would like as well as overt ones. Jana told Bernard in passing that she loved St. Patricks and he didn’t forget!

In Jana’s words

“We met five years ago, I was coming out of yoga, and he was checking into a hotel for work where the studio was. I’m not sure what it was, but that spark was there, he made me laugh, and he was quite dashing. I remember telling him “we would never work” as he lived in Houston and me in Dallas. His comment to that “it’s just a bag of peanuts away,” i.e., Southwest Airlines. He would also say “I was a hard nut to crack.” Working his magic he slowly crept into my heart. On one of the many phone conversations throughout our courtship, I mentioned how I loved New York and had visited most of the cathedrals; specifically, St. Patricks. The one thing about my Ash is he listens. We made plans to be in New York for the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. He said, “let’s stop at St. Patricks and light a candle.” Upon entering the church, he stopped me, and on one knee he proposed. Later, I asked “why St. Patricks” and he said “I know what this church means to you and nobody gets engaged in a church, always married. Being the man that he is, he changed the rules.

The photographs speak for themselves, we’ve had so many compliments, we used the photos that year for our Christmas photo, our wedding announcement and have framed many of them. Christmas in New York is beautiful, getting engaged there was over the top. Ash Fox’s timing is impeccable, her editing stunning, and such a joy to work with, can we come back?”

proposing in cathedral

post proposal in St. Patricks Cathedral

christmas tree proposal black and white christmas  romance at St. Patricks Cathedral

proposal in an orchard

What could be more romantic than an apple orchard proposal on a crisp October day? Brendan brought his beautiful girlfriend Adrianna to an orchard with the guise of collecting apples for a homemade apple crisp. They had gone to the same orchard the year before so she thought he was just carrying on their newfound apple picking tradition, but he had other ideas! Nowadays, most of the proposals I experience are ones where the girl has a feeling her boyfriend will be proposing soon, but she doesn’t know exactly when, but for this one Brendan COMPLETELY stunned Brianna with his proposal that can came 1-2 years earlier than she expected. See her beautiful emotional reaction below. I was crying too!

In His and Her words:


“Fall is one of our favorite seasons and we have made it a tradition to go apple picking every year. I chose this orchard because it was the first spot we ever apple picked. I remember looking back at our past pictures there and the date happened to be the same weekend the past year we went. I wanted to make it special and memorable with significance. Apple picking is such a fun activity and it will always have romantic memories behind it”.


“I clearly was shocked by the proposal! I was not expecting it for at-least one to two years. Brendan knows I love fall and love the activities behind it so the fact he was able to pull off this amazing proposal doing one of my favorite things is beyond what I imagined. We had apple picked here the year prior and we were looking forward to the next season to do it again! I remember that morning wanting to make all these pit stops before we left (supplies for apple crisp hehe). Brendan kept his cool to the fact we were time crunched. It was the perfect day for apple picking. When he started to go down I couldn’t believe it! It was so intimate and private to just be us and Ash. I remember I lightly passed the concept of having a photographer at our proposal with just him and I so we can always have the pictures and re live the moment with just us. I can honestly say I could not imagine the moment better. It was real, surprising, and pure love. Truly picture perfect”.

fall scene at proposal

couple holding hands before proposal

groom proposing to girlfriend in apple orchard

bride speechless after groom proposes

groom hugging future wife after proposal

beautiful engagement rink at a ranch

future husband and wife enjoying drinks

enjoying champagne after proposal

Central Park is always a great place to propose, especially if you’re coming from out of town. It’s as romantic as it looks in movies. My goal is always to help my clients craft the perfect moment that makes you feel like you’re in a movie abut you’re the star. Erick wanted to propose somewhere that showcased the skyline but was easily accessible for him and his girlfriend Laura, since he had a romantic dinner planned for them later at Daniel. This rock seemed like the perfect place. We decided to add violin since he and Laura’s song is “Por una Cabeza”  from “Scent of a Woman”.

In his and her words!


“I live in Mexico and it was my first time in NYC. He proposed on our first anniversary. He let me plan the whole trip except for that day. Before going to Central Park we had a drink at The Plaza hotel and I started to notice he was getting nervous! Then, he told me we were going to Central Park and I had no idea we were following Ash to Central Park. They had everything planned and I was in such shock! They even had a professional violinist playing our favorite songs that Erick had picked! I’m so happy we’re getting married in 2 months!”


“I chose New York because it is our favorite city and we were celebrating our 1 year anniversary as a couple so I planned a trip for us there and thought it would be the perfect city to propose in. We talk to our friends all the time about our story in New York, it was really exciting working together and choosing the perfect place for me to propose, taking pictures in different scenarios and adding the violin which was perfect”

So happy for this wonderful couple!

new york city skyline with violinist

post proposal with violinist

close up of engagement ring

amazing proposal in central park

bride showing off engagement ring happy couple after proposal

post proposal near central park skating rink

groom and bride kissing by fountain

romantic moment between newlyweds

man proposes at lincoln center

future wife kissing man in front of fountain

couple in front of fountain kissing

groom kissing bride after proposing amazing ring after proposal

man holding future wife after proposing

happy couple in front of the Lincoln center

Lincoln Center is one of my favorite locations. The fountain is so iconic and it’s the arts hub of NYC. Whether you come to see Lincoln Center Jazz, The Metropolitan Opera, the City Ballet or a concert at the Beacon Theater nearby, there’s something for everyone. If your partner loves the arts this is your spot!

In Skye’s words… “Kyle and I met at our performing arts high school and were just friends up until senior year. We were always interested in each other and Kyle even asked me out freshman year, but I wasn’t ready at the time. Then senior year I asked HIM on our first date to see a production of Sweeney Todd. From there our romance blossomed. We’ve been through many ups and downs together – long distance was especially hard, but our friendship gave us a great foundation to get through it all. Kyle is truly my best friend and partner. I couldn’t ask for anyone better in a fiancé.

Kyle brought me to Lincoln Center under the guise that we were going on date night and to meet him there before heading to the restaurant. I got dressed up and was excited for date night! We’re both busy and having time for dates is important to us, but not always possible, so it was a special occasion. I had a feeling that Kyle might propose that night, but I told myself that I was getting too excited and that I needed to not get ahead of myself. When we met up in the plaza of Lincoln Center, Kyle asked if I wanted to walk around, see the fountain and enjoy the (unusually) warm weather.

I followed him to the fountain where he asked if I wanted to make a wish. Now I knew something was up! He asked me what my wish was and I told him that I didn’t know. He said, “Do you want to know my wish?” and he got down on one knee and said his wish was to marry me. I immediately cried and said yes! I was so overjoyed and excited. The moment was perfect and special and better than I could have dreamed. He even hired a photographer (that I didn’t even notice until after the proposal) to capture the moment.”

groom proposes at NYC cathedral

Parker and his stunning, (now) wife Mallory are from Memphis,Tennessee. They love NYC and Parker wanted to propose somewhere beautiful and private that captured the beauty of the spring. He originally had the idea of proposing in Gramercy Park, which is one of the loveliest spots for a proposal n NYC, but at the last minute we decided to take things up a notch switching the location to a stunning rooftop filled with flowers and trees. The rooftop is a tranquil garden respite from the craziness of NYC at street level,  but with the buildings and dynamic architecture all around you.

In Mallory’s words…”The doors of the elevator opened to the most beautiful place I could ever imagine and I was totally shocked. At this point he leads me out to the center, tells me to take off my Apple Watch, and proposed! [Fun fact I have always told him to not let me wear my watch when he proposed. I feel like it dates the pictures.] It was all such a blur, but it was one of the happiest moments of my life! After he proposed, our photographer comes out of hiding, and we had an hour long photoshoot! Her name is Ash Fox, and she’s a New York proposal planner/photographer. She made everything so fun and relaxed, and the pictures turned out beautiful.” – Mallory blogger

Mallory and Parker are a picture perfect, elegant couple with infectious chemistry. I felt like I was shooting them for a magazine.

st. patricks cathedral proposal

st. partricks cathedral kissing

groom holding bride

groom kissing bride in cathedral garden

groom and brides hands after proposal

couple displaying big engagement ring

couple in rooftop garden

behind the scenes after proposal

proposal at brooklyn park

William wanted to propose outside Janes Carousel because he and his girlfriend met years ago at a carnival during a camp trip. He wanted to carry the Carnival theme into his proposal but in more subtle way than choosing Coney Island for example. The couple live in NYC together yet had never been to Dumbo Brooklyn so it was a special day for them to go exploring. While walking towards the view of the Manhattan bridge William grabbed Tracy’s hand and proposed to her. She was totally shocked! 

black and white photo after proposal