About Ash Fox

Ash Fox is a world-renowned marriage proposal planner, advisor, podcast host, and photographer who has been operating her New York City marriage proposal business for over 10 years.

Ash and her amazing team have orchestrated and documented over 2,000 engagements for couples from all over the world.

Ash Fox has been featured in “The Knot,” “The New York Times,” “Business Insider,” “The Daily News,” and “The Huffington Post,” among others. Fox and her work have gone viral numerous times, including a profile from “Elite Daily” that has over 11 million views and a video on Nas Daily that hit 3 million and counting!

How it started and how it’s going!

Ash grew up as Sarah Ashley in New Jersey. After graduating from NYU, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ash became a photographer in NYC’s vibrant music and nightlife scene.

“I discovered my love for capturing people in their element, expressing themselves through music and art and I often watched people fall in love. That ignited something in me”

A few years later Ash was asked to photograph a proposal in Central Park. One proposal led to ten proposals and ten led to hundreds…

“Working so closely with people during this monumental moment I learned all the nuances of a proposal: what matters, what works, what doesn’t and what needs to happen for it to be a surprise. There are many emotions involved and it matters to me that this is one of the best memories of your life”

In 2015 Ash expanded her business into full service marriage proposal planning advising, orchestrating and documenting proposals. In 2018 she started The Proposal Podcast, the first podcast on marriage proposals.

Today in 2022, Ash still personally conducts all of the planning sessions with her clients. Ash’s incredible team live and breathe her vision for gorgeous proposals and carry out all of her proposals on site.

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