A Sunrise Surprise Proposal with a Helicopter Ride

nyc rooftop proposal

Derek, pulled out all stops for this magical sunrise proposal to his fiancé-to-be,  Roxanne.

They share a beautiful apartment together which can make surprises extra tricky, but Derek pulled this one perfectly. Coordinating with Roxanne’s boss, Derek, made Roxanne think she was getting up extra early for a special presentation. When they headed out the door Derek took a turn towards the elevator and pressed the button for “up” to Roxanne’s, surprise and led her up to rooftop of the building. Sparse and unfinished, the grit of the rooftop juxtaposed with the glow of the early morning sunrise added a cinematic quality to the moment and the photos. This was the earliest proposal I ever worked on. I was up on the roof while it was still dark out, scoping out the space and where would be the best spot for Derek to drop to his knee. It was beautiful watching Derek and Roxanne step out onto the roof just as the sun was rising. Immediately following the proposal, there was another surprise! Roxanne had only a few minutes to pack her bag, because she and Derek were about to be jetting off in a helicopter en route to the airport for a tropical surprise vacation. Derek successfully made a home based proposal extra special by elevating the ordinary. Roxanne woke up thinking it was a regular day, but it ended up being one of the most extraordinary days of her life. – Ash Fox


nyc skyline with proposal

groom proposes on rooftop


post proposal helicopter ride

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